green themed bridal shower

Recently, I was asked to design a invitation for a "green" themed shower. I researched ideas online for green invitations and everyone suggested an emailed invitation or an evite, but since these invitations were going to my mom's generation, that is not exactly kosher and every bride like to have something for their scrapbook anyway. So the obvious choice was something natural looking in green and brown hues. Both the paper and envelope that I selected where made partially from post consumer recycled material, it is hard to find quality paper that will run through a printer that is 100% recycled. While working on the invitations, I was brainstorming about some ideas for decorations - green, of course. For favors, you could have a bowl of seed packet and print the branch - CR/CF logo on a sticker to place on each packet. And for centerpieces, either lay branches on the table and fill in with soy candles or place some attractive branches in a glass vase, and top it off with a bird from your bookcase. Or use bamboo. If colorful flowers are desired for the centerpieces, create a ... of colorful potted flowers and then let guests take one home as their favor. And definitely use china and linens rather than disposable plates and napkins. Serve organic, local and seasonal foods. Oh, and when guests RSVP you can suggest carpooling in order to be more eco-friendly. Of course the guests were asked to bring their gifts wrapped eco-friendly, but for those who just could not help it, I have another suggestion. While one bridesmaid is saving the ribbons and bows to create the traditional ribbon bouquet for the rehearsal, another can fold up the wrapping paper and set aside the gift bags for future use. This could eliminate a whole garbage bag full of trash. When cleaning up, set out your recycling bins so that all the hostesses can help to minimize the amount of garbage.