Kimberly and Todd: Wedding Invitations

Kimberly's colors were green and a plumy magenta color. She wanted an elegant, somewhat modern, unique design. The china Kimberly registered for, that she absolutely loved, was the inspiration for the design of the Q. I custom designed this gatefold invitation with a ribbon sash wrap around closed by a personalized tag with each guests name. This tri-fold program was designed in such a way that the back extended beyond the fold and displayed the bride and grooms name. The Q from the invitation was repeated on the front of the program. The leaves that create the cross of the Q are copied and rotated throughout the program to create a fun intriguing design. The menu was designed to coordinate with the program. The napkins were folded so that the long edge with the bride and grooms name was peeking out beyond the fold. A candy buffet was provided for the favors. These favor boxes were filled up with candy by the guests as they left the reception.