Culver Holiday Card 2009

Of course, professional pictures always are your best option for holiday cards. But it is possible for YOU to get great pictures for your christmas cards if you just do a few things. Go outside, like to the park or just some place with lots of grass (even if it is dead) and trees. Consider the time of day, best if the sun is not over head. Take a friend or sister, in my case, if you can. Borrow a digital SLR camera if you do not have one, SO much better than digital point and shoots. And then remember you are not using film, all the pictures are digital so take a million!! Think photojournalistic, not perfectly posed, with a toddler and a dog that is impossible.

That is what I did, all except for minding the sun, we went at noon, worked best around nap time. And I was pretty happy with how they turned out.

I created envelopes to match, with an ornament hanging down and our return address written vertically up the string.