mardi gras ideas

A few years ago, I was the chairman my sorority' alumnae association's fundraiser. We selected a Mardi Gras theme. Since Mardi Gras is upon us soon, I thought I would share some pictures and ideas with you. The invitation had the logo on it that I designed for the event. And I recreated the logo with wood and other materials to be part of the flower arrangement on the entry table.

We filled lucite tubes with mardi gras colored confetti and placed an arrangement on top of the tubes. The flowers we used included purple astromeria, yellow roses, bells of ireland, yellow lilies, and purple carnations. Masks and beads hung down from the arrangements. At the base, we filled small vases with black beans and placed one lily in each vase.

Peacock feathers coordinate perfectly with mardi gras colors. We incorporated the peacock feathers into the low arrangements and green spider mums, green carnations as well as the others flowers we used in the tall arrangements. This small arrangement was placed on a frame, in two of the picture areas we placed a row of 3 votives and surrounded them with beads, the other two were filled with black beans with a mask laying across. Each table was sprinkled with mardi coins. Many of the supplies such as beads, coins and masks came from Oriental Trading Co. The napkins were folded with the evening's program placed inside.

As with any fundraiser donations were requested at the event and there were many creative ways to donate. One was "The French Quarter", were you placed your quarters or change you had been saving up in jars. Another was purchasing a reserved table on "Bourbon Street". If you were unable to attend, you could also do "The Big Easy" and just send in a donation. Or playing at "Harrah's Casino on Canal Street" was a fun way to make a donation. And finally there was "The Garden District" were we had wishing trees with envelopes showing different children's wishes that were in the program.