announcing baby luke with love

Valentine's Day birth announcement. From pumpkins to hearts, this baby was born on Halloween and now has a Valentine's announcement for his scrapbook.

sip and see for violet

Violet's "Sip and See" invitation was really fun to design. Creating the girls silhouettes, outfiting them, and then postitioning them in a social situation around the pram siping tea had my creative juices flowing. The menu was sherried tomato soup, quiche lorraine, strawberry spinach salad, jenny bread and ice cream crunch for dessert. Menu cards were next to each selection. We added party circles on sticks to top off each little quiche. The party circles had four different designs, each personalized for Violet. A "Baby Violet" banner adorned the doorway. Favors for the event were perfect for both the theme and the season. Two packets of hot chocolate and a bag of marshmallows so guests could continue sipping when they got home on the cold winter night. The stickers on the favors had the pram design on them with Violet's initials and a note to say thank you for coming. And what better gift than coordinating burp clothes and bag tags for baby Violet.

valentine's eve party

My mom hosted a lovely party for some of her dear friends. I thought two birds kissing sitting on the word "love" would be adorable for the invitation. We did place CARDS on the back of each guest seats. Their name was printed to match the love front with the birds sitting on their name. She found a "LOVE" sign and two birds for the center of her table to coordinate with the invitation. The dessert was chocolate mousse in these miniature chocolate cups; We put a little tag in the dessert and a few raspberries on top as well. The favors were various valentine's candies and cookies in little boxes with coordinating tags.

waite's birth announcement

My sweet boy's birth announcement. While beginning to brainstorm about his second birthday party, I was reminising about my little baby and how fast he has grown up. From six pounds to 26 pounds. His announcement was my first taste of how fun it is to design invitations; I had done things in the past but I realized I had a real passion for paper and stationery when I did these. If only I had had my digital SLR camera back then, it would have been so much easier to get the perfect picture. I would say I probably took at least 500 to get this one, it is funny how crazy a postpartum brain can be.

deneale's coral and green theme

My friend Deneale got married last summer and her mom ask me to help her with a elegant display of a sweet note she and her husband had written for the new bride and groom. The note slipped down in the folder. The paper was laced up and then tied with beautiful coral ribbon. My mother and I hosted a shower for her in the same color scheme few months prior. We created a chocolate covered pretzel bar for the favors. Labels that coordinated with the invitation adorned the small white boxes that guests filled with the yummy treats.