sip and see for violet

Violet's "Sip and See" invitation was really fun to design. Creating the girls silhouettes, outfiting them, and then postitioning them in a social situation around the pram siping tea had my creative juices flowing. The menu was sherried tomato soup, quiche lorraine, strawberry spinach salad, jenny bread and ice cream crunch for dessert. Menu cards were next to each selection. We added party circles on sticks to top off each little quiche. The party circles had four different designs, each personalized for Violet. A "Baby Violet" banner adorned the doorway. Favors for the event were perfect for both the theme and the season. Two packets of hot chocolate and a bag of marshmallows so guests could continue sipping when they got home on the cold winter night. The stickers on the favors had the pram design on them with Violet's initials and a note to say thank you for coming. And what better gift than coordinating burp clothes and bag tags for baby Violet.