riann and trent: purple pomanders

When Riann and I first met to discuss her wedding invitations, she showed me pictures of decorations that she loved as we were looking for inspiration. She kept pointing to hanging flower balls, or pomanders. I loved this idea because it was unique and different from anything I had done. The invitation was mounted to a green folder wrapped with beautiful purple ribbon and closed with a name card to personalize each invitation. Three pomanders hanging from a calligraphic swirl. Not all guests were invited to the ceremony because it was in a very small church. So Riann's invitaions were the opposite of most. We included a ceremony card in the invites of close friends and family. Guests who were only invited to the reception just had the reply card slipped in behind the inside ribbon. The back of the reply continued the unique use of multiple fonts intertwining. The envelope reused many interested aspects of the invitation design. Thank you notes with a slightly different look for some variety. The program I designed was very unique, bond in the upper left corner with a small detail that would let the pages twist.

The decor, escort cards and table numbers.