Holiday Cards

It’s that time of year again to start thinking about your holiday greeting cards. Consider having beDubci Designs create a holiday card that you will be proud to send to your friends and family.

Fill out the Holiday Card Questionnaire (as soon as possible) to reserve your spot and get me brainstorming about your design.

Go to to ‘like’ my page. I am going to offer Free Printables when I reach 100 fans, my goal is to reach this before Christmas so I can do some fun Holiday Party Circles.

Suggestions for capturing some great photos for your holiday cards:

If it is too hard to get all the kids looking at the camera at the same time, and to be smiling no less, than opt for a card with multiple photos of each one individually.

Go outside to take your photos. And do it soon, we are having beautiful weather in Tulsa, so go check this off your to do list. Make it fun. Go to the park where the background is nice and just start shooting, you will get some that turn out great, I am sure.

Pay attention to lighting. Have your subject face the sun or light source and try to capture it in their eyes.

Don't use a flash when taking pet pictures, if at all possible. I can edit this but it is much different than editing red eye in humans.

The best time to take photos is early morning or late afternoon. And you want the sun at your back. If you must do it inside or you want a posed photo, drape a black sheet behind your subject.

It is ideal to use a SLR camera verses a point and shoot camera, if you don't have one, try to borrow a friend's. Head to the park together, it is easier to take pictures with two adults anyway. One behind the lens and one to watch out for the kids.

Or better yet, use a professional photographer and don't stress about getting the right picture, in fact, this way you can be in a few with your children! Check out Maggie S. Photography.