About Me

My Story

After my son was born and the time came to send out a birth announcement, I became preoccupied with it being perfect, yet affordable. I knew what I wanted, but did not know where to find it. My personality is to focus on even the tiniest detail, adjusting it until I reach perfection. This compelled me to set out to make my own announcement, and after doing so, I received many compliments.

All of the fun I had had triggered a year of continual brainstorming about the next thing I could design; there were little projects along the way, but finally, it was time for my son’s first birthday party invitation. Oh, the pleasure I had tweaking it until I could not dream up one more creative idea!

At his party, many of our friends and family said, “You really could start a business!”, and a few weeks later, I thought maybe they were on to something. One evening, after some dutiful research, I mentioned it to my husband. He was surprisingly in favor of the idea before I even had the chance to sell it to him, that night beDubci Designs was born.

What's in the Name

It seemed perfect for the name of my company to be inspired by my son’s name, since my obsession with designing stationery began with him. Well, really the obsession with style and design was engrained in me long ago by my mother, but my son sparked a new light. His labor and delivery was very complicated, and I found it therapeutic to have a creative outlet, a way I could divert my attention and become engrossed in something completely unrelated.

Anyway, my son’s initials are B.W.C. One night, I said his initials aloud over and over in the shower (which is my favorite place to brainstorm- no tiny hands tugging at my pant leg or sweet but distracting voice repeating “mama”.) Finally, changing the W (double U) to dub resulted in B dub C, which said quickly, is beDubci.

The Design

Your invitation is a reflection of you; it sets the tone for your event. My goal is to create an indulgent design element that will elicit a response. Something your recipients cannot bring themselves to throw away. Something modern, fresh, unique; art verses ordinary.

You will not find a huge design gallery of inflexible choices, I strive to create each and every piece to be completely original and coordinate with your theme. Your ideas, whether you think they are creative or not, inspire me and initiate the brainstorming process leading to a dynamic design that I hope you will be thrilled to send.

My need for a creative outlet, my extreme attention to detail and my passion for sophisticated design result in stylish cohesive stationery for all of your events. I hope to be your new favorite place for announcements, invitations and holiday cards.